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Artists, Are You Looking to Promote Your Work Online? Think SEO

In today’s digital age, there are many opportunities for artists to promote their work online. For example, market data from Forbes Advisor shows an estimated 4.9 billion social media users across the world, with these figures slated to rise by almost another billion by 2027. In addition, a 1.21% average click-through rate for advertisements was recorded across all social media platforms.

As an artist, expanding your scope to include websites and store pages is vital. This is why many artists turn to Instagram to promote their work. Yet, you will need to understand how certain online processes work as the creative online sphere is highly populated, algorithms make it hard to find your work, and competition is everywhere.

As such, you must know how to elevate yourself above everyone else to showcase your artistic works—and search engine optimization (SEO) can help you do just that. Here’s what you need to know about SEO for promoting your work and standing out online.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works by improving the relevance, authority, and usefulness of your website’s content for your target audience. That way, it ranks more highly in search engines and attracts more prospective visitors. With increased visibility, the better your site’s chances are of being visited. SEO is also a great strategy because it can be even more effective when used with other digital marketing strategies.

One of these is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, which involves getting your site paid placements on search engine results and paying whenever a user clicks on them. Ayima shares that integrating SEO and PPC works well because they combine different aspects of digital marketing.

For instance, SEO-optimized content typically comprises longer-tail and informational terms like “how to do this.” It’s also a longer-term strategy that takes time to get results. Conversely, PPC is utilized for commercial keywords like “buy this” and produces more immediate results. Because they work within different time frames, using them together can provide you with a digital marketing strategy that covers all the bases needed to promote your art online.

How to Use SEO to Your Advantage

When making your website

If you don’t have one yet, make a website. That way, your artwork will be more visible on Google for potential buyers to search and find you. You can use sites like Wix and WordPress to make the job easier. Neither of them requires coding knowledge, so all you need to do is arrange pre-designed templates with drag-and-drop dynamics to get your site ready.

Yet, even when creating your website, there are some good practices you should follow to improve your SEO potential. For instance, you need to prioritize user experience (UX). To achieve this, ensure your site is mobile-compatible, uses proper subheadings and visually appealing content, and avoids intrusive pop-ups. Remember, following these guides will increase your website’s chance of ranking by ensuring visitors can easily use your site.

Create quality content

Moreover, don’t forget to optimize your site for SEO by finding the right keywords and building quality content. Focus on specific long-tail keywords that are usually four words or more. Moreover, this method exposes you to less competition since long keywords are typed less frequently.


Don’t forget PPC advertising if you have the budget for it. It’s relatively inexpensive, and if you make a significant sale, the costs won’t matter. With that in mind, ensure your PPCs specifically call your clients to action. Ensure they have a clear and actionable path tailor-made for their next decision after reading.

On your social media platforms

Applying SEO principles on your various social media profiles will help you engage more customers when they press search. In this application, you must find your specific audience. You can do this by creating relevant content on your pages, and if they garner a lot of attention, search engines will see your art pages as trustworthy and an authority. As such, link your main website to your social media posts. The algorithm will capture this dynamic and influence your search rankings.

You can also run PPC advertisements on social media applications. After all, social media sites like Facebook still generate most of Meta’s ad revenues, with ads boosted on the platform reaching over 72% of its monthly users. As such, you may want to capitalize on social media audiences by integrating SEO with PPC.

For instance, you can make PPC ads on Facebook using its Ads Manager page. Here, you can leverage various post formats, like text, photo, or video, and ensure your ads’ content is SEO-optimized to increase engagement among the platform’s users. You can also choose where you place your ads and, most importantly, what audience they should target. That way, you can increase your work’s exposure online.

SEO is vital if you want to promote your work online. Though it will take time and effort to implement, you can be assured that the rewards will be plentiful.

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