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4 Ways You Can Market Your Art

Just like all products, it’s essential to market your art, if you plan on selling some. Pursuing art as a career can make for a rewarding professional life. Visual artists have many options they can consider, ranging from graphic design, special effects, and fashion. However, if you want to make it big as an artist, you
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Airbrush Artists – A Call to Arms

At first, it might seem counter-intuitive to collaborate with other airbrush artists who are your direct competition for business in the airbrush events industry. But I believe, we are artists first and the great thing about art, it’s a creative process which can be shared. Artist collaboration throughout history Van Gogh invited Gaugin to stay
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Live Airbrush Entertainment: Are We Artists or Entertainers?

In the vibrant world of event planning, one question often leads to intriguing discussions: are we artists, or are we entertainers? At the core of our identity at Airbrush Events, where we specialize in live airbrush entertainment, we find this distinction not just semantic but foundational. While ‘artist’ and ‘entertainer’ might evoke different images and
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