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Airbrush Events | Custom Airbrushed Party Favors

Anything You Can Imagine, We Can Make It Reality.


A fancy term used by marketers. It explains that the best way to drive consumer interaction with any particular brand is to have them have an experience with the brand in real-time.

This differs from the majority of conventional marketing. Conventional marketing is done through digital advertising, or physical brick and mortar stores.

Create a memorable experience with potential customers.

Shh, this will also create a huge buzz for your company.

Your Brand

Our skilled artists will create custom airbrush designs that showcase your brand in a creative and eye-catching way. Use our service to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression that will keep your brand top-of-mind.


Our talented artists can create personalized designs on a variety of items – from hats to water bottles – that will draw attention and leave a lasting impression. Make a big impact with our one-of-a-kind service.

Create a memorable experience with potential customers.

Trusted by the Biggest Brands

We help brands and companies stand out in creating fun experiences.

Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for JW Marriott.
Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for Wells Fargo.
Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for Malware Bytes.
Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for Olive Garden.
Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for MB2 Dental.
Airbrush Events has created unique airbrush events for NASCAR.

Ready to Book Us

Why Us

We Bring All Of The Excitement

Airbrush Events stands out with a dedicated team of professional artists, proprietary airbrush equipment, and a unique focus on making events fun. Our expertise in virtual events and commitment to client satisfaction ws us apart from the competition.

The team did amazing!

The team did amazing! The lines never stopped; people here had never had the opportunity to enjoy work like that on POST. I look forward to bringing your company back for more events.”

Ethan Briner, Special Events Coordinator, United States Army Garrison Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Our airbrush artists are friendly and fun to work with.

Phenomenal & Consummate

My team worked with Pete for the first time last fall and to say our expectations were wildly surpassed is an understatement. Pete and his team are phenomenal and consummate professionals.

Nigel Standish, MKTG Sports & Entertainment

If you're looking for an airbrush artist for parties, look no further than Airbrush Events.

True Professional

You are a true professional and we too enjoyed the opportunity to work together. We’ll look forward to the next event and hope it is soon!

Gina Thieman
Florida Destinations

Airbrush artists from Airbrush Events doing all the set up and clean up for airbrush hats for parties.

The Art of Unforgettable Events

Airbrush Events does Corporate Event Planning.

Corporate Event Planning: Breaking In and Finding Your Niche

Corporate event planning is a diverse field with opportunities in various departments…

Airbrush Events builds brand awareness.

Building Brand Awareness With Promotional Gifts

Why do companies spend money giving away promotional gifts?

Airbrush Events is more eco-friendly than plastic party favors.

A Waste-Free Entertainment Solution For Green Events

Green events are building in popularity but planning them can be challenging!

Airbrush artists for brand launches and party favors, including airbrush shirts for parties.

5 Misconceptions About Airbrush Events

There seem to be some big misconceptions about airbrush events.