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Recruitment Marketing: Best Practices for the Best Results

Finding quality candidates for your open job position is easy. Just convince the people working for your competitor to jump ship. All jokes aside (although passive recruiting is indeed a viable strategy), finding great talent can be difficult. It’s always in high demand and low supply. Of the few available candidates that qualify as “quality”,
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5 Reasons Why Employee Development Matters

Employee development is the process of picking up new skills and strengths while also developing the ones that already exist. As a business, you’re most likely well aware of how much your employees’ performance can affect your company’s operations. Seeing as they’re the ones on the front lines, it’s important to help them foster employee
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DIY Marketing: How to Promote Your One-Person Business

Congratulations on becoming a business owner. Let’s get your one-person business noticed through marketing. Should I market my own one-person business or hire someone? Marketing your one-person business yourself can be an effective way to save money and build a personal connection with your customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that marketing requires
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