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Level Up Your Experienced Airbrush Artist Game: Top YouTube Channels

Calling all experienced airbrush artists! You’ve aced the basics, your blends are on point, and you’re hungry to push your airbrushing skills further.

To quench that thirst for advanced techniques, we’ve tapped into the expertise of the Airbrush Event (AE) team. They’ve compiled a list of fantastic YouTube channels specifically geared towards experienced airbrush artists like you.

Remember our previous post focused on getting beginners started with airbrushing? This time, we’re diving into channels that’ll help you refine your experienced airbrush artist techniques, explore new approaches, and discover fresh inspiration.

Refine Your Experienced Airbrush Artist Techniques with These Channels

Airbrush Asylum: This channel, run by Justin & Valerie Winter, is a goldmine for serious airbrush artists. They delve into in-depth tutorials, cover advanced techniques like hyperrealism and metal flake, and offer insightful equipment reviews – all delivered with a fun and engaging style.

Ed Hubbs Airbrushing: Ed Hubbs is a seasoned airbrush pro with a passion for sharing his knowledge. His channel features a comprehensive library of tutorials, from realistic portraiture to imaginative automotive airbrushing. Ed also offers valuable tips and tricks to troubleshoot common airbrushing challenges.

Airbrush Action Magazine: It’s not just a magazine anymore! Airbrush Action has a robust YouTube presence, featuring content directly from their publication. Expect to find interviews with renowned airbrush artists, demonstrations of unique airbrushing techniques, and explorations of various airbrush applications.

Paul’s Railroad: Buckle up, train enthusiasts! This channel by Paul uses airbrushing to create stunningly realistic model train dioramas and scenery. While the subject matter might be specific, Paul’s meticulous approach to detail and masterful blending techniques are a masterclass for any airbrush artist looking to refine their techniques.

coastairbrushTV: Dive into the world of custom airbrushing with coastairbrushTV. This channel showcases the work of professional airbrush artist Chris Harder, who specializes in creating breathtaking custom designs on everything from motorcycles to helmets. Get inspired by Chris’s creativity and learn valuable tips for achieving exceptional results on various surfaces.


This is just a starting point, but these YouTube channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for experienced airbrush artists. So, fire up your YouTube app, hit subscribe, and get ready to elevate your airbrushing journey.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the comments section under these videos. You’ll often find additional insights and questions from other airbrush artists, fostering a valuable online community for learning and sharing.

And while you’re on the app, don’t forget to subscribe to Airbrush Events YouTube channel.

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