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Essential Event Table Setup Requirements from Airbrush Events

At Airbrush Events, ensuring a smooth setup area for our artists is crucial for the success of any event. 

We often receive inquiries from event planners and hosts about the specific requirements that may be needed for optimum artist performance. To help clarify, we’ve compiled a guide to explain the method to our madness in more detail. 

By following these essential event table setup requirements, you can ensure a smooth and successful event. Making it an entertaining and unforgettable experience for all your guests, whether you’re expecting 50 or 5,000 to attend.  

Two 6-foot Tables with Linens…

Two 6-foot Tables with Linens will accommodate up to 2 artists. This setup is used for smaller events.

Learn how to set up your event table to accommodate guests and your needs as an artist.

  • Setup: Two tables are arranged, one in front of the other.
  • Usage: The artist stands between the two tables, with an easel on the back table: The table in the front serves as a makeshift counter that holds the blank party favors and design option displays.
  • Space: This arrangement takes up approximately 6×8 feet.
  • Benefits: This setup helps to create a barrier between the artist and the guests. It also allows guests to watch while the artist is painting, creating an interactive entertainment

Four 6-foot Tables with Linens… Events with more than 2 artists

Proper event table setup is crucial for success.

  • Setup: Four tables are arranged as shown in the provided image. They are still placed one in front of the other, with the artists standing in between.
  • Usage: This setup accommodates up to four artists. Each additional artist requires two more tables.
  • Space: This arrangement is efficient for larger crowds, ensuring each artist has adequate space to work and display their blank materials.

L-Shaped Table Arrangement

Your event table set up is the first step toward a successful event.

  • Setup: Two tables are arranged in an L-shape.
  • Usage: Suitable for one artist, it is typically used for smaller events, like college events, where space is less constrained.
  • Space: This layout could be better for more significant events due to the potential for crowd interference with the artist’s workspace.
  • Benefits: The artist can interact with guests without turning away from their easel, providing a more engaging experience.

Additional Setup Information

  • Table Requirements: We request that our event clients provide tables with linens. The type or color of the linen is not critical, but it helps create a clean and organized appearance. Underneath the tables, we store our empty boxes and air compressors.
  • Height of Tables: Most tables are around 30 to 32 inches tall, which suits our tabletop easels. High-top tables will not be suitable as they make painting on shirts and hats challenging.
  • Protective Area: The tables should be placed in an area protected from direct sunlight or potential rain if outdoors. Indoors, no additional lighting is required, as each artist brings a light for their easel.

Event Table Setup for Successful Events

Our artists will need about 60 minutes to park, unload, and set up at the venue. With the tables pre-arranged, assembling their kits and displays takes less than 30 minutes.

The Artistic Process

Ensuring each guest receives a personalized party favor involves organizing guests into a line. They select a party favor and a name design from the artist’s display board. The artist then paints the design in front of the guest, which usually takes under 3 minutes. This setup provides a personalized favor and serves as entertainment.

For optimal crowd control, tables should be set directly in front of each other, creating a barrier that helps manage guest flow and provides space for the artist to work efficiently.

By following these essential event table setup requirements, you can help ensure a smooth and successful event setup and make it an unforgettable experience for your guests.

If you’re looking for event entertainment that your guests will remember for years to come, contact Airbrush Events today.

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