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Essential Airbrush Maintenance Tips from Expert Pete Marin

Maintaining your airbrush is crucial for its longevity and performance. Pete Marin, the founder of Airbrush Events with over 30 years of experience, demonstrates the importance of proper airbrush maintenance in his thorough cleaning routine.

Pete recommends a detailed cleaning after every 10 to 15 uses, using both standard airbrush cleaners and a stronger carburetor cleaner for deeper cleaning. He begins by flushing out the paint using gravity, followed by careful application of cleaners to ensure no residue remains.

A key focus of Pete’s routine is the care of the airbrush needle, which is delicate and prone to damage. He checks for burrs or bends and suggests repurposing slightly damaged needles for internal cleaning tasks. For minor repairs, he uses a specialized sharpener to polish the needle, making it less likely for paint to stick.

The final steps involve running cleaner through all parts of the airbrush, adjusting and reassembling each component, and applying WD-40 to the trigger mechanism to ensure smooth operation.

By following Pete Marin’s expert techniques for airbrush maintenance, artists can ensure their equipment performs well, extending its life and enhancing their artistic output. 

Watch the full video below for a complete guide on maintaining your airbrush effectively.


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