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Electrical Requirements for Airbrush Events: Power Up Your Creativity!

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or a first-time party host, understanding electrical requirements for airbrush events is crucial for a smooth and successful experience. This guide delves into the electricity needs of Airbrush Events artists, ensuring a vibrant artistic atmosphere and equipment safety.

Understanding Amperage and Circuit Capacity

Most of the time, Airbrush Events artists can operate with a standard household outlet. However, separate circuits become essential if you intend to have more than three artists. Each compressor our artists use draws around five amps, and a typical household circuit is rated for 15 amps

Using more than three compressors on a single circuit risks overloading and tripping breakers.

Learn the electrical requirements needed to host an airbrush party.

The Importance of Extension Cords

When it comes to extension cords, gauge matters; Gauge refers to the thickness of the wire, and a thicker gauge means less resistance to electricity. A key point to remember is that a lower gauge number signifies a thicker cord.

Airbrush Events compressors come with 16-gauge, 20-foot extension cords. While this works well for proximity, longer distances require lower gauge cords. For instance, a 16-gauge cord might be suitable for 20 feet, but a 10-gauge cord would be ideal for 100 feet to prevent power loss.

Signs of Insufficient Power

Insufficient electrical supply can lead to several issues:

  • Compressor not starting: If your compressor hums, but the motor doesn’t turn, it might be receiving inadequate power.
  • Burning smell: This indicates overheating, which can permanently damage the compressor motor.
  • Tripped breakers: When a circuit is overloaded, it trips the breaker to prevent electrical hazards.

Tips for a Successful Event

  • Identify available outlets: Before the event, ensure there are enough outlets to accommodate all the airbrush artists.
  • Test the outlets: Artists should arrive early and test the outlets with their equipment to identify any potential issues.
  • Avoid overloading circuits: Never overload a circuit by plugging in too many appliances.
  • Consider generators for outdoor events: For outdoor events lacking access to outlets, a generator might be necessary. Remember, most Airbrush Events equipment operates on 110 volts.

A Note to Airbrush Artists

Troubleshooting electrical requirements for airbrushing live at an event.

Similar to the experience Nick, an Airbrush Events artist, encountered, using appliances like hair dryers on the same circuit as compressors can overload the system and damage equipment.

Generators for Outdoor Events

Sometimes, outdoor events might need access to readily available outlets. In such cases, a generator becomes essential to power your airbrush equipment.

Generator Types:

There are two main types of generators to consider:

  • Conventional Generator: This is a gasoline-powered generator that produces enough electricity to run appliances and equipment.
  • Solar Generator: A more eco-friendly option, solar generators use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity for powering equipment. While these might be suitable for smaller events with fewer artists, conventional generators are generally more powerful for larger gatherings.

Determining the Right Wattage

Generators are rated in watts, so choosing the right one depends on the total wattage of the equipment you’ll be using. Here’s a helpful formula:

  • Wattage = Volts x Amps

Since most Airbrush Events equipment operates on 110 volts (as mentioned earlier), you can easily calculate the wattage by multiplying the amps your equipment draws by 110.

For example, let’s say you’re having an event with 4 artists, and each compressor uses 5 amps. Here’s how to find the minimum wattage requirement:

  • Total Amps = 4 artists * 5 amps/artist = 20 amps
  • Minimum Wattage = 110 volts * 20 amps = 2200 watts

Here’s a recommendation: It is always advisable to choose a generator with a wattage rating higher than your calculated minimum. This provides a buffer for additional equipment or unexpected power surges. In this case, opting for a generator rated at around 3000 watts would be ideal.

Additional Tips for Generators:

  • Consult the generator manual: Familiarize yourself with your chosen generator model’s specific operation and safety instructions.
  • Consider noise levels: Conventional generators can be pretty noisy. If noise is a concern, explore quieter generator options or designate a location away from the event area for the generator.
  • Safety first: Ensure proper ventilation for the generator to prevent carbon monoxide build-up. Never refuel the generator while it’s running.

Contact Airbrush Events Today!

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safe and electrically sound environment for your next event, allowing the artists to create stunning party favors without a hitch! 

Contact Airbrush Events today to discuss your event and ensure your artists have the electrical power they need to create lasting memories! We can help you determine your electrical requirements and provide generator recommendations. We are here to ensure a stress-free and successful airbrush event experience for everyone involved.

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