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Corporate Event Planning: Top Insider Secrets

Top insider secrets for corporate event planning.


When it comes to corporate event planning, it’s all about those unique touches that make an event memorable. We’ve talked to some of the best in corporate event planning to bring you their secret tips for making your event one that guests will always remember.

Storytelling in Corporate Event Planning

First, in corporate event planning, think about telling a story at your event. This could be the story of your company or a theme that really fits your brand. This storytelling approach in corporate event planning can make guests feel more connected. You could decorate the venue to show your company’s key moments, or base the event around something new your company is doing.

Corporate Event Guests Wear VR Headgear - Corporate Event Planning

Insider Tip: Fun Tech Features in Corporate Event Planning

Add some fun technology to your corporate event planning, like walls that guests can interact with or augmented reality that makes virtual things seem part of the room. These cool features make the event more fun and memorable

Unique Entertainment Options:

Try something different for entertainment. How about a magician who uses technology in their tricks, or performers who interact with the guests? These kinds of acts bring surprises and keep everyone excited.

For example, a digital magician might use a tablet to make it look like they’re pulling objects out of the screen into the real world.

A group of event guests smile for the camera while showing off their airbrushed t-shirts and hats - corporate event planning

Insider Tip: Airbrush Events for Personalized Swag

Include Airbrush Events for a unique touch. Guests can have their names or fun sayings airbrushed onto t-shirts or hats by professional artists. This provides a keepsake and creates a lively atmosphere as guests showcase their personalized items.

Relaxation Corners:

Set up spots where guests can relax, like areas for quick massages or quiet places to meditate. These spots are great for guests to take a break from the busy event.

Interactive Food and Beverage Experiences:

Make your food and drinks part of the fun. Have chefs cook right in front of the guests, or let guests mix their own cocktails. This makes eating and drinking a fun part of the event.

Insider Tip: Custom Event Scents

Make your event smell amazing with a custom scent. Work with a fragrance expert to create a scent that fits your theme. This small detail can really enhance the feel of your event.

Sustainable Practices:

Show that you care about the planet with eco-friendly choices. Use digital invitations instead of paper, and choose responsibly sourced food that’s good for the environment. This shows your event is modern and responsible.

Keywords and Social Media Integration

Use keywords in your event’s marketing to help people find it online. Also, get guests to share their experiences on social media, maybe with a special hashtag or a live social media feed at the event.


Making an unforgettable corporate event is about mixing creative ideas with smart planning. With these insider tips, you can make an event that’s not just fun, but also truly memorable and different from any other event.

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