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Celebrating the Talents of Airbrush Events’ Artists: Favorite Projects

At Airbrush Events, we take immense pride in our collective of talented artists. Each artist brings their unique style and passion to both our events and their individual projects. This article highlights some of their favorite projects they’ve worked on within their own businesses, demonstrating their creativity and dedication to their craft.

While Airbrush Events focuses on event-related services, you can connect with our artists directly for custom work through the contact information provided.

Nick Kaniaris: Black Mercedes-Benz CLS

An example of airbrushing from Airbrush Events featuring a Mercedes.

Nick Kaniaris painted this stunning black Mercedes-Benz CLS on canvas as a surprise gift for a friend’s 40th birthday. The project took about four hours to complete, and the result was a testament to Nick’s skill and dedication. To see more of Nick’s work, you can follow him on Instagram at airbrush_empire.

Kenneth Hammond: YMCA Community Mural

An Airbrush Events artist's mural at a YMCA.

Kenneth Hammond helped create a vibrant mural at the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA in Atlanta, Georgia. This project involved organizing community members of all ages to contribute, making it a truly collaborative effort. Kenneth’s work added a lasting piece of art to the facility, and he found the experience deeply rewarding. For business inquiries, Kenneth can be reached via email at

Pete Marin: Custom Chevy Pickup

Airbrush Events leader Pete's airbrushing on a Chevy truck.

Pete Marin, founder of Airbrush Events, painted this black Chevy pickup to give it a unique flair. The design includes the logo of Sure Shot Airbrush, Inc., the parent company of Airbrush Events. Pete recalls, “I remember just a day or two after I finished the paint job on this truck, I was parked at a convenience store and a woman in her ’70s or ’80s commented, ‘That’s a fancy truck you got there.'”

Pete Lagi: Airbrushed Guitars

Airbrushed guitars are a favorite project of the Airbrush Events team.

Pete Lagi has been airbrushing for 20 years and has recently been working on painting guitars. These projects have been getting a lot of attention from customers who visit his shop. The guitars, now hanging in his shop, showcase Pete’s extensive experience and skill in airbrushing. For more of his work or business inquiries, contact him at (386) 405-8065 or follow Freestyle Airbrush on Facebook and Instagram.

Yariel Carmenate: Airbrush Tattoo

Airbrush Events has great airbrush tattoo artists.

Yariel Carmenate has a passion for airbrush tattoos, creating intricate designs that capture the essence of traditional tattoo art. With over five years of experience, Yariel has mastered the art of creating stunning airbrush tattoos that delight clients. You can see more of his work at and connect via social media links provided there.

Ivan Luna: Cartoon Mural

Our talented airbrush artists enjoy painting on a variety of surfaces.

Ivan Luna specializes in cartoon murals and other wall art. This particular piece was created for Christian Buckingham, a tattoo artist known for his appearance on the TV show “Ink Master.” Ivan’s murals are known for their vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, bringing any wall to life. To see more of Ivan’s work or for business inquiries, you can reach him on his Facebook page; Quality Airbrushing

Rod Caliskan: Horse Silhouette

One our airbrush artist's favorite projects is a detailed silhouette of a horse.

Rod Caliskan created this powerful silhouette of a horse and its handler in 2006 for a client from the Middle East. He feels a strong connection to this piece due to its simplicity and strength. Rod enjoys creating art that resonates on a personal level, and this silhouette holds a special place in his portfolio. Rod can be reached on both Facebook and Instagram at @RodsAirbrush.

Dale Triplett: Optimus Prime Harley Tank

Airbrushing Optimus Prime was one artist's favorite project.

Dale Triplett painted this impressive depiction of Optimus Prime on a Harley motorcycle tank. Using a mix of acrylics, masking medium, and technical pens, Dale created a detailed and dynamic piece that took a week to complete. For business inquiries, visit his website or call (727) 902-5912.

Donte Sly Curd: Jokers Wild Chopper

An Airbrush Events artist airbrushed a chopper motorcycle.

Donte Curd’s “Jokers Wild” chopper won the People’s Choice Award and Best Paint Job at Daytona Bike Week. The intricate and vibrant design showcases Donte’s exceptional talent and creativity. For custom work, he can be reached on Facebook and Instagram at @slyairbrush.

At Airbrush Events, we are proud to showcase the diverse talents and artistic achievements of our team. Although we do not offer custom work directly through Airbrush Events, this blog post allows you to connect with our artists for your individual project needs. If you’re interested in custom artwork, feel free to reach out to these artists through their provided contact information.

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