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Airbrush Events Artists’ Favorite Moments and Triumphs

At Airbrush Events, our talented artists transform ordinary gatherings into spectacular celebrations with their creativity and skill. This article delves into their favorite moments and the triumphs that have defined our most memorable events.

Celebrating Creativity at Airbrush Events

Airbrush Events does events of all kinds for organizations like the Urban League.

 Pete Marin on the Centene Urban League event in St. Louis (2017):

“I really enjoyed participating in the event from July 27-29, 2017, for Centene Urban League in St. Louis. It was a three-day event featuring four artists, and I appreciated it because it was a large corporate event with over 3,000 attendees. We received excellent support from the client’s team, which helped us manage the guests effectively.

It was quite the production; we painted hats and shirts for six to eight hours each day. During our downtime, we visited the St. Louis Arch, savored the local famous BBQ, and had a fun night out at Ball Park Village, home of the Cardinals. We worked hard and played hard, and went home tired!”

Airbrush Events has hosted an event on a dinner yacht in San Diego.
Martin and Angel about to set sail from San Diego.


Martin on the ATG event in San Diego (2024):

“My favorite event so far was the ATG event in San Diego, CA, from April 22-24. There were four of us—Pete M., Angel, Marcus, and myself—all airbrushing black trucker hats for a corporation aboard a dinner yacht. We spent four hours cruising the bay along the coast of San Diego, which was a new experience for me. The movement of the rocking boat posed a unique challenge to my airbrush skills. It was a lot of fun, and San Diego was beautiful!”

Donte’s favorite, Essence Fest 2023, New Orleans:

“My favorite event has to be Essence Fest 2023 in New Orleans. The camaraderie among Regis, Ivan, Angel, and myself, coupled with the amazing food, music, and the vibrant nightlife culture of the French Quarter, made it truly awesome.”

Angel's favorite event for Airbrush Events was the Essence Festival.

Angel’s experience at the Essence Festival:

“The best part of Essence Festival was working with all the celebrities’ kids; for example, T.I.’s daughter and Lil Wayne’s daughter were in our section. It was filled with influencers and predominantly young people, which made it really vibrant. Plus, it spanned three days in New Orleans.

In another section of the event, there were major figures like Oprah and Kamala Harris, who were being interviewed on stage, not to mention other celebrities scattered throughout the larger area. There was so much happening—it was definitely my favorite event.”

Airbrush Events was at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City.

Nick at Harrah’s Casino Resort, Atlantic City (2023):

“My favorite event to date was a three-day event at Harrah’s Casino Resort in Atlantic City, where I painted for an average of five hours each day. It was a farmer, pet breeder, and veterinarian expo, attended by the nicest people! They provided three meals a day—breakfast and lunch were both buffet-style. One night featured a lobster and steak dinner, and another night offered a dinner party on the pool deck.

The view from my room was amazing. I also enjoyed a walk on the Atlantic City boardwalk at night and appreciated the VIP car service from Harrah’s back and forth to the airport. Everything about the event was top-notch. The guests showed great appreciation for my art and effort throughout the event. It was fantastic!”

Airbrush Events was at Juice Studio in Atlanta, GA.

Yariel reflects on Juice Studios, Atlanta:

“One of my favorite events was at Juice Studios in Atlanta. I was relatively new to the airbrush events team at the time. I had the opportunity to drive to Atlanta with Pete, Rod, and Rich. We airbrushed for a really cool event that featured a live drum line. A total of seven artists stayed at the hotel, and I had a great time getting to know Guillermo, Pete L., and Regis, in addition to Rod and Rich.

I learned that I was surrounded by airbrush artists who were truly awesome, and it confirmed that I was making the right choice by going full time into airbrushing.”

Airbrush Events: Overcoming Challenges with Professionalism

Not every event runs smoothly. Strong winds, unexpected crowds, and even unforeseen brawls have tested us. Yet, team AE consistently rises to the challenge, ensuring every event is successful, regardless of the obstacles. Read on to discover how Heather navigated one particularly challenging event to ensure success:

Airbrush Events was invited to Ally 400 NASCAR race.

Heather’s (AE operation manager) defining moment at the NASCAR Ally 400 (2023):

“My favorite event was in June 2023, a NASCAR Race—the Ally 400. It was one of the very first big events where Pete let me take the reins and be fully in charge. Our initial meeting with the client was fantastic! We came up with a brilliant plan to have our artists create three custom airbrush designs for printing onto t-shirts and pennants for the VIPs. The day of the race, our artists would personalize the shirts with the guests’ names.

I probably drove Pete and Angel crazy asking them to produce a dozen samples in just a few days, but they delivered three amazing designs that Ally absolutely loved. The standout was an airbrushed version of the Ally 400 racecar; these were reserved for executives and special guests. We sent these designs to the printer six weeks ahead of the event, and they assured us that the preprinted shirts would arrive at the Tennessee racetrack a week before the event—to be safe.

However, as the event approached, our printer went MIA—dodging my messages and not returning my calls. With only three days until the race and two days past our deadline, I was losing my mind. Despite keeping the client informed, the situation was tense. Finally, Pete managed to contact the printer, who reassured us that the shirts were on their way and would arrive in time. Unfortunately, they didn’t—they got stuck in a UPS warehouse 60 miles from the racetrack, and there was nothing we could do.

This was the biggest contract I’d ever managed, and everything that could go wrong did. After a panic attack and a good cry, Martin had a brilliant suggestion—’What about stencils?’ That was just what we needed. I immediately called Yariel, who made stencils of the two simpler designs overnight. He delivered them to Rod the next morning before heading to Nashville for the event. Pete coordinated with the other artists to arrive a few hours early, and he picked up an extra 500 blank t-shirts from our supplier.

They all arrived at the track a few hours early, pre-painted shirts and pennants before the crowd arrived, and personalized them live at the event. The client was so thrilled with our backup plan that they sent us a beautiful thank-you note the next day. Crisis averted—event saved!

When I tell this story, I’m often asked, ‘Why is this your favorite? It sounds awful.’ On the contrary, it was one of the most amazing demonstrations of how teamwork can turn potential failures into huge successes. It was one of our team’s finest moments, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

At Airbrush Events, each brushstroke on canvas is matched by a step towards creating lasting memories. We cherish every event—from the calm gatherings to the chaotic festivals—because each presents an opportunity to showcase our resilience and commitment to excellence.

Book us for your next event and experience the magic of Airbrush Events, where every design is crafted with speed and professionalism, ensuring every guest leaves with a piece of the celebration.


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