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6 Awesome Company Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

The party season is fast approaching. Have you decided what you will do for the company Christmas party entertainment?

Having a party around the holiday seasons for your employees builds company morale and is a great time to give back to the team that works hard to make the business successful throughout the year.

Most company Christmas party entertainment involves a DJ. Someone that plays music and encourages the crowd to get up and dance.  But what if your staff aren’t the dancing type? What other fun things can you offer at your company party?

Here are 6 unique ways to entertain the party guests.

Hire a dance team

Even though we might not be dancers ourselves, most of us can appreciate professional dancers. Plus sometimes, they inspire us to get on the dance floor and do a one, two step.

Check out this amazing break-dancing dance team from Florida that loves performing at private events.

Get a virtual reality gaming station

We’ve all heard about the new technology of VR but the majority of us haven’t tried it.

Hire a company that will come and set up virtual reality stations and let your staff play games and ride virtual roller coasters. It’s a great way to get people out of their seats and mingling.

Check out Mobile Gaming Events website for more info.

Events Airbrush Artist Entertainment and Customized Party Favors
Virtual reality games are a blast to play.

Get a photo booth

Give us what we really want! Opportunities to take amazing selfies that we can share to our social circles. Let the team play with props and fun costumes while getting their pics taken with proper lights and equipment.

Check out this fun idea that the Jonas Brothers did using a photo booth.

Set up a chalkboard word search

An inexpensive way to add an additional dimension to the entertainment is to put a word search on a big chalkboard or white board next to gathering places, like the bar.

It’s fun to have everyone work on it while they’re waiting in line for their drinks.

Events Airbrush Artist Entertainment and Customized Party Favors
Being actively engaged even while waiting at the bar

Use airbrush artists for the company Christmas party

Everyone loves swag, little gifts that they can bring home to remember the event.

When you hire airbrush artists, they will come to your party and personalize tees, hats, drawstring bags or a host of other merchandise for each person.

Events Airbrush Artist Entertainment and Customized Party Favors
How fun would personalized airbrushed Christmas swag be?

Guests love the old school vibe of airbrush and it’s pure entertainment to watch the artists painting live.

Airbrush Events artists pride themselves on professionalism and customer service. They can accommodate small intimate events or large-scale corporate events.

Hire caricature artists

Hiring caricature artists is a guaranteed way to get people out of their seats. Everyone will be thrilled to have a traditional or better yet, a digital caricatures of themselves.

With digital caricatures, the full-color caricature is printed on paper that can have the company logo on them. Maybe make it a fun ‘prerequisite’ for everyone to wear theirs to work on a lanyard the next day!

I’ve been working with RichCaricatures for many years and he’s the best out there.

Events Airbrush Artist Entertainment and Customized Party Favors
RichCaricatures always do a fantastic job at events.

BONUS: A murder mystery dinner

Your party guests will love a little ‘murder’ and intrigue with their dinner. 

Jest’s Murder Mystery Dinner Shows will have your guests howling with laughter. Their professional entertainers will pull your guests into the show with lots of fun interaction.

Guests will surely be talking about your event for years to come. 

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