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6 Airbrush Tutorial Channels for Beginners

Maybe you want to learn to airbrush to enhance your artwork, as a new hobby or just curious how it’s done, here are 6 airbrush tutorial channels for beginners.

With a global pandemic in full swing, we are all retreating to the safety of our homes, so what better time to learn a new skill.

Whether an airbrush artist paints realistic works of art, scale models, gas tanks or t-shirts, they all teach us techniques that can cross over into any form of airbrushed artwork.

All of these airbrush tutorials be found on YouTube so they’re free to learn from. Remember to give them a like and subscribe to their channel, if you find their videos useful.

1. Mick Neill

If realism is what you’re hoping to achieve, then Mick Neill is the go-to channel. His airbrushed portraits look like photographs. Don’t be put off by how advanced his work is, many of his videos have great tips for beginners.

Start with this video: Airbrush Academy Top 5 Tips to Better Airbrushing

2. Airbrush the Magazine


An offline magazine with a YouTube channel stuffed full of everything airbrush. They offer some great tutorials, airbrushing on many types of mediums. Anyone interested in airbrushing will certainly find something they enjoy here.

Check out this airbrush how-to: Beginners practice airbrush painting

3. Orc Painter Nerd


As the name suggests, this guy airbrushes and hand paints miniature models. His British accent takes a bit of getting used to but his YouTube videos are very informative. Just the titles alone are entertaining like ‘how to paint a gloomspite gitz loonboss’.

Check out his airbrush tutorial; ‘How-to airbrush for the complete beginner’ video here.

4. Miniac

Miniac is another miniature model painter but with an accent that most of us we’ll find easier to understand. Check out his channel for some really useful videos on airbrushing, different paints and techniques.

If you’ve never airbrushed before start with his video Know nothing about airbrushes? Start here. Also, check out 12 things I learned from airbrushing for 1 year.

5. Scale Models Consortium


Again, as the name suggests, this is model painting but I like his video Airbrushing for the beginner 1: Buying an Airbrush setup. He has many interesting and informative videos where skills can cross over to other airbrushing techniques.

6. Jeff Copeland

While his channel doesn’t have the normal ‘talking’ video tutorials, he does show you the whole process of airbrushing t-shirts. He has some very creative graffiti designs you can try following along with.

This video teaches you how to trace a design before airbrushing Airbrush name design – cool tracing technique.

This is just a small selection of what’s available on YouTube but it will get you started. YouTube will suggest similar airbrush artists as you watch the videos above.

Now that we are locked down and socially isolated, I might even find time to produce some airbrush tutorials myself. Stay tuned!

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