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12 Reasons Why Order Sheets at Airbrush Events Don’t Work

When it comes to personalized party favors at events, you might think that having guests pre-order their items and designs would streamline the process. However, as professional event organizers since 2010, we’ve learned that this approach often leads to more problems than it solves. Here’s why:

1. Real-Time Artistry and Guest Interaction:
Having the artist work directly with each guest creates a unique and engaging experience. Guests can see their chosen design come to life right before their eyes in just a few minutes, adding an element of excitement and personalization that pre-orders simply can’t match. This real-time interaction adds an element of fun and anticipation to the event, as guests eagerly await their custom creations.

2. Delayed Gratification:
During the first half of the event the artist’s time will be spent taking orders, leaving no time for the fun part – watching your custom swag come to life!

3. Avoiding Delays and Disruptions:
Making a list of orders can introduce unnecessary delays and disruptions to the flow of your event. Guests change their minds, request modifications to their orders, or even forget to pick up their items. These scenarios create extra work for the artist, forcing them to sift through stacks of orders, make adjustments, and potentially leave some items unclaimed. All of this can slow down the process and detract from the overall enjoyment of the event.

4. Quality Control and Satisfaction:
With on-site customization, the artist can address any concerns or questions immediately. This ensures that each guest receives a high-quality, personalized item that meets their expectations.

5. Space and Organization Challenges: Managing a large number of freshly painted items can quickly become a logistical nightmare. You’ll need plenty of extra table space to store drying shirts, ideally away from curious hands to prevent smudging or accidental messes.

6. Status Check Overload:
Guests become anxious about their orders and repeatedly ask if they’re ready, taking away from painting time.

If the guests are permitted to write their orders without the help of the artist the following problems can arise.

7. Unlimited Orders and Limited Resources:
Allowing guests to place orders without the artist’s direct involvement can lead to an unanticipated issue: guests placing multiple orders. Since the artist’s time and resources are finite, catering to a few guests with excessive requests might leave others empty-handed.

8. Illegible Handwriting:
Even with the best intentions, handwriting can become messy and illegible, especially when guests are filling out order forms in a bustling event environment. This can lead to misinterpretations of names, designs, or other details, resulting in incorrect or unsatisfactory customizations.

9. Missing or Incomplete Information:
Relying on pre-filled order forms can often result in crucial details being overlooked or omitted altogether. Guests might forget to specify their t-shirt size, color preferences, or other essential information required for a successful customization. This can lead to a frustrating experience for both the guest, who receives an incorrect or unusable item, and the artist, who must scramble to rectify the mistake.

10. Unrealistic Requests and Time Constraints:
Without the artist’s guidance during the ordering process, guests may request elaborate or complex designs that are not feasible to complete within the allotted time frame of an event. This can put undue pressure on the artist, compromise the quality of their work, and lead to disappointment for the guests when their expectations aren’t met.

11. Mix-ups and Mistakes:
In the flurry of a busy event, mistakes are bound to happen. With a stack of pre-ordered items, there’s a high risk of guests accidentally picking up the wrong item, leading to confusion and disappointment. Resolving these mix-ups can be time-consuming and disruptive to both the artist and the event’s overall flow.

12. Time Management Challenges and Guest Disappointment:
When relying on pre-orders, accurately estimating the time needed to complete all customizations becomes a challenge. Without a visual queue of waiting guests, it’s difficult to gauge the workload and adjust pacing accordingly. This often results in one of two undesirable outcomes:

Overtime for the Artist: The artist might need to stay beyond their scheduled hours to fulfill all orders, leading to additional costs for you and potential scheduling conflicts for the artist.
Disappointed Guests: If the artist’s time runs out before all orders are completed, some guests will inevitably be left empty-handed and disappointed. This can create a negative impression of the event and leave a lasting sour taste for those who missed out.

The Bottom Line: Prioritizing Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction
Taking orders in advance might seem like a way to streamline the process, but in reality, it often leads to fewer completed favors, chaos, and confusion. Why? Because the artist ends up spending valuable time managing the complexities of the pre-order system, rather than focusing on their creative work. This translates to less time spent painting and ultimately, fewer happy guests walking away with personalized keepsakes.

A Better Solution for a Memorable Event:
To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone, consider these alternatives:

Hire a Second Artist or Assistant: For larger events or those with a high demand for favors, adding a second artist or assistant can make a world of difference. This allows for faster service, shorter wait times, and a higher volume of completed favors. While it may incur an additional fee, the investment is well worth it for the enhanced guest experience and overall efficiency of the event.

Embrace the On-Site Customization Experience: As discussed previously, having the artist interact directly with guests and create their favors in real-time offers numerous benefits. It adds an element of excitement and personalization, avoids potential delays and disruptions, and ensures a smoother, more efficient flow for your event.

We’re committed to making your event a success! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to explore the best options tailored to your specific needs. We’re happy to collaborate and find the perfect solution to ensure your guests leave with unforgettable memories and personalized treasures.

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