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Live Airbrush Entertainment: Are We Artists or Entertainers?

In the vibrant world of event planning, one question often leads to intriguing discussions: are we artists, or are we entertainers? At the core of our identity at Airbrush Events, where we specialize in live airbrush entertainment, we find this distinction not just semantic but foundational. While ‘artist’ and ‘entertainer’ might evoke different images and
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What Is Brand Activation And Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Brand activation is a fancy term used by marketers. It explains that the best way to drive consumer interaction with any particular brand is to have them have an experience with the brand in real-time. This differs from the majority of conventional marketing. Conventional marketing is done through digital advertising, or physical brick and mortar
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5 Misconceptions About Airbrush Events

There seem to be some big misconceptions about airbrush events. For whatever reason, as time goes on, people develop certain misconceptions, either from ignorance of the topic, or misinformation. Today we will be discussing five of the biggest misconceptions about airbrush events. 1. It’s graffiti! One of the absolute biggest myths about airbrush art is
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6 Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs Airbrush Artists

We get it, you’re trying to find something truly amazing for your corporate event. Some form of entertainment, maybe a cool vendor, or perhaps just something that will boost morale. Airbrush Events helps bring the best of all those ideas to any event. Combining the entertainment of an artist creating right in front of you,
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