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Airbrush Artist For Parties in Oregon

Need an awesome idea for a corporate meeting or party?

Your guests will love the live entertainment and custom party favors created by our airbrush artists in Oregon.

Custom Airbrush Party Favors in Oregon

 From birthday parties and brand activations to weddings and corporate events, our Oregon airbrush artists bring a unique twist that adds fun and personalization to your celebration.

Imagine the excitement as guests watch in awe as airbrush hats, airbrush shirts, and temporary airbrush tattoos are customized into one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

It’s live entertainment and personalized party favors all in one! Our skilled airbrush artists in Oregon work their magic on-site, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

It’s so simple and fun! We handle everything, from setup and supplies to cleanup. Your Oregon airbrush artists are here to ensure your event runs smoothly, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the party.

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Heather, Pete and The Team @ Airbrush Events Are True Professionals! They Are Incredible Artist and Always Do A Top Notch Job For Us! Our 100% GO TO Without A Doubt!

Blazin Wolf

Everything was easy and first class. From our first call to Airbrush events to the contract, to artist showing up on time, to the artist and his work/performance, to the clean up and follow up.

Jason Alpert

Hiring an Oregon Airbrush Artist for Your Event Is Simple

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Fun Facts About the Beautiful State of Oregon

“Oregon welcomed me like a beloved child, enfolded me in her cool arms, shushed my turbulent thoughts, and promised peace through her whispering pines. ”
― Author Colleen Houck

Oregon Country was originally a vast but disputed area. It encompassed what is today the US states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana and Wyoming. In 1843, the first settler provisional government was elected.

With the signing of the Oregon Treaty, in 1846, the territorial dispute between U.S. and Britain officially ended. However, the US federal government didn’t create a territorial government in their part of the area for a further two years. “Oregon became the 33rd state of the U.S. on February 14, 1859”. [1]

Oregon is the 27th largest state by population, with 4.2 million. It’s the 9th largest by land area, with 95,988 square miles. [2] This means Oregon has a population density of 39 people per square mile.

The official state animal is the beaver and it is unofficially nicknamed ‘The Beaver State’. This is due to its early history in the fur trade when ‘mountain men’ would spend years in the wilderness trapping beaver for trade.

The capital of Oregon has a rather tumultuous history. “Before Oregon became a territory in 1848, the Oregon Country provisional government selected Oregon City as the capital.” [3].

However, the legislature further debated and selected Salem as the capital (not to be confused with the village of Salem, Massachusetts, where the infamous Salem Witch Trials were held). However, the governor and Oregon Supreme Court refused to move. [3].

An act of congress then chose Salem as the capital but that was overturned and the capital was moved to Corvallis. After years of arguing it
was moved again, back to Salem, where it has remained ever since.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is one of the most biologically diverse areas of the U.S. With forest mountain ranges, 363 miles of
rugged coastline, vast high desert plains, and fertile river valleys, it’s an explorers’ dream come true.

This incredible biodiversity can be seen in Oregon’s 16 national wildlife refuges, 2 national recreation areas, 14 national forests, 3 state
forests, and an amazing 110 state parks. [4]

The state has only one National Park but what a spectacular one it is. “Native Americans witnessed its formation 7,700 years ago when a violent eruption triggered the collapse of a tall peak”. [5] The result was the creation of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U.S.[4]

In Oregon’s Blue Mountains, you will find the largest living organism on earth. This massive Armillaria ostoyae (commonly known as honey fungus) is essentially a giant mushroom that covers 2,400 acres of land. [6] This ‘humongous fungus’, as scientists have dubbed it, is a parasite, which inserts itself into trees, slowly killing them.

Whether you are ‘town or country’, Oregon has something for everyone. If water is what excites you, visit the beaches, hot springs, and coastal trails. Listen to the amazing sound of the sea lions at Sea Lion Caves or take a whale-watching trip. Go diving, fishing, rafting, or zipline across river valleys.

Grab your camera and head out to Thor’s Well. This ‘gaping sinkhole’ in the basalt shoreline is most spectacular during storms and at high tide.

Prefer to keep your feet dry? With 530 wineries, Willamette Valley is a wine tasters paradise. Drive the Cascades Lake Scenic Byway. Hike or Bike along the many miles of trails. Camp, ski and, marvel at the Painted Hills. Visit Oregon Zoo, Washington Park, or the Children’s Museum.

Looking for arts and culture? There’s Portland Opera, Oregon Symphony, or Oregon Ballet Theatre. Check out the 42,000 works of art at the art museum. Head to Portland, Oregon’s largest city, with its 75 breweries. Chill out in their many bars and eateries.

With so many things to do and see in Oregon, make sure you write a bucket list before you go.


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