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If you have been looking for fun and engaging virtual event entertainment and an easy way to entertain event guest safely, look no further.  By popular demand Airbrush Events entertainment is now available…Virtually Everywhere!

With direct interaction between the audience and the airbrush artist, these experiences offer the excitement of live entertainment from the comfort of home, or from any mobile device.

Airbrush Virtual Events are the perfect way to safely add excitement to any event and give your guest a fun and interactive experience they will remember for years to come!

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Fun Facts About New Mexico Fun Facts About New Mexico

At the top of the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico, you get a clear sight of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado as well as the whole of New Mexico. This view was used to plan for a long time by marking out the Santa Fe trail by utilizing the insightful perspective of the landscape provided by the inactive volcano [1] [2]. Unfortunately, the State of New Mexico would later be used in getting a destructive type of insight as Jornada del Muerto of New Mexico would witness the first atomic bomb ever used on the 16th of July in 1945 to prepare for the package that would be sent to Nagasaki a few weeks later [3].
The State of New Mexico is largely a Hispanic community, always has been. The catholic-Hispanic concentration of people was the greatest stumbling block to the statehood of New Mexico until they yielded in 1912 [4]. Still the influence of the Hispanic people is obvious in the state considering the fact that 35% of the total population can fluently speak Spanish, and this influence is especially felt in some weird laws that exist in 47th state to join the union [5].

For example, it is forbidden to dance in New Mexico while wearing a Sombrero. That’s not a cultural taboo, but a criminal offense that will give you a ticket to prison [6]. Another one is that women must always appear shaven in public places, you don’t walk the streets of New Mexico feeling the breeze blow your unshaven hair if you’re a woman. So, make sure you learn the rules before you plead guilty to not shaving [7]. It gets even stranger, though, as New Mexico has the most reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). On the 24th of February in the year 2018, three pilots of different airplanes attested to seeing the same UFO in the skies of New Mexico [4].

People come in droves to participate in the annual shovel race competition, the world shovel race competition which is held in Angel fire, New Mexico [8]. Others come to the city of Albuquerque to either watch or enter the 700 hot-air balloons that blot the skies of New Mexico every passing fall season in Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta [9]. Jeff Bezos, the founder of the great American company, Amazon, must have seen many of those hot-air balloons, since he was born in the city of Albuquerque [4].

Also, New Mexico is heavily involved in the production of green chili. This means that you can get the best tacos in the country in New Mexico. In fact, the biggest taco that has ever been made, the Navajo Taco, was made in New Mexico [10]. A few decades ago, however, New Mexico was known for making something else. Known as ‘the Uranium Capital of the World,’ Grants N. M. milked the state of uranium [11]. Recently, a research facility named Sandia was spearheaded by researchers Brian Kast and Red Jones towards developing a self-guided bullet, which they did successfully [12].

The palace of the governor of Santa Fe is recognized as the first government building of a colony in the United States [13], and why not? After all, the city of Santa Fe itself is recognized as the oldest state capital in the entire country since it was formed in 1607 [4]. At that time, it was known by another name, though, ‘La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis’ was later shortened to Santa Fe three years later, ten years before the pilgrims set foot on New Mexico [4]. Another old landmark is the Taos Pueblo building, an inhabited story building that looks very much in good condition despite been over 900 years old [14].


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