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If you have been looking for fun and engaging virtual event entertainment and an easy way to entertain event guest safely, look no further.  By popular demand Airbrush Events entertainment is now available…Virtually Everywhere!

With direct interaction between the audience and the airbrush artist, these experiences offer the excitement of live entertainment from the comfort of home, or from any mobile device.

Airbrush Virtual Events are the perfect way to safely add excitement to any event and give your guest a fun and interactive experience they will remember for years to come!

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Very friendly, very talented artist. He also listens to what a customer — child or adult — wants to have done. He lets their vision come alive in his work!

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Fun Facts About Michigan Fun Facts About Michigan

When the meaning of the name of a State is ‘Large Lake, ‘ you can expect that there’ll at least be a few water sources around [1]. In Michigan, there is a natural water source within six miles of anybody in its territory, a function of the 65000 inland ponds and lakes in the State [2]. Even more, Michigan’s territory is marked out by a boundary made of four of the five Great Lakes, the main reason it is nicknamed the ‘Great Lakes State’ [3]. While it is the State with the longest freshwater coastline in the country [4].

The Great Lakes territory of Michigan became the 26th state to join the American union on the 26th of January, 1837, and is the only territory in that company to have two peninsulas [2]. The state is divided into an Industrial ‘lower’ peninsula, and a mineral-rich ‘upper’ peninsula, which are both connected by one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, the Mackinac Bridge [5]. But the existence of the bridge is even further justified by the ridiculous fact that 40% of the city is underwater, leading every other state in the US in terms of submerged landmass [6].

However, The State of Michigan is also famous for being a leading figure in the production of a lot of things, from cars, and cement, to even cereal. In fact, it is known as ‘Motor City’ in most places, perhaps because automobile manufacturing is rampant in the state, to the extent that three of the world’s largest automobile manufacturing companies have roots in the State – the headquarters of Chrysler LLC, General Motors Corporations, and Ford Motors are in Michigan [4] [6].

Indeed, Michigan has a good history with Automobiles, since the National Heritage site of the Highland Park Ford plant – the first moving line car-assembly plant – is in Michigan [7].

Also, the Henry Ford Museum, which also documents the fact that the second production facility for the popular Model T of Henry Ford, is in the State of Michigan [7].

Michigan is just as popular about cereal as it is about cars. A city in Michigan, Battle Creek, makes that possible after earning the name ‘Cereal Bowl of America’ by setting the pace of cereal production in the United States [8]. A charge likely bolstered by the fact that the peak company of the cereal industry, Kellogg Company, is from the State of Michigan [1]. Whether it played a part is unknown, but the State is also home to the tallest set of twins in the world, The Lanier Brothers – Michael and James [9]. Another city in Michigan with a well-known nickname is Trasverse City, ‘The Cherry Capital of the world’ [4].

In 1908, The Huron Portland Cement Company was created in Alpena of Michigan, growing to become the largest manufacturing plant for cement in the world [10]. Some of which must have been used in building some of the over 150 lighthouses in Michigan, a number that makes the State have the highest number of lighthouses in the United States of America [11].

Perhaps a tribute to the water-filled nature of the State, Michigan is the location of the only floating ZIP code in the United States – an actual floating vessel, the J.W. Westcott II, used for delivering mails to ships on course towards their destinations [12].

As for her arty side, the State of Michigan is the proud home to one of the top six museums in the world, The Detroit Institute of Arts. The over 100 galleries that make up the museum place it as a firm favorite among lovers of art, as such, it receives enough visitors to qualify as one of the most visited art museums in the entire world [13].

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