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If you have been looking for fun and engaging virtual event entertainment and an easy way to entertain event guest safely, look no further.  By popular demand Airbrush Events entertainment is now available…Virtually Everywhere!

With direct interaction between the audience and the airbrush artist, these experiences offer the excitement of live entertainment from the comfort of home, or from any mobile device.

Airbrush Virtual Events are the perfect way to safely add excitement to any event and give your guest a fun and interactive experience they will remember for years to come!

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Fun Facts About Kentucky Fun Facts About Kentucky

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the famous fast-food haven ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ (KFC) originates from [1]. Similarly, the Kentucky Derby, which is widely regarded as the oldest horse racing competition that is still in existence, leaves little to the imagination for where it is held [2]. However, that doesn’t diminish the fun of the first part of the Triple Crown that is credited with being ‘The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,’ certainly no less because Kentucky State is filled with a rich history of firsts as well as sensational records of breathtaking events [3].

Speaking of firsts, Kentucky has good reason to boast that ‘The Bluegrass State,’ as it is popularly called, is the birthplace of cheeseburgers. As the records indicate that ‘Kaelin’s,’ a restaurant in Louisville served the first set of the delightful sandwich [4]. Also, the first post-it note was also developed in Kentucky [5]. The State was also the first to name a city in its territory after the first president of the United States of America, a trend that many states have followed since [6]. The State has been properly politically represented since then, though, as Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin situated in Hodgenville of Kentucky. Alongside famous Civil War commander Jefferson Davis, who was also born in a log cabin located in Fairview of Kentucky [7].

Interestingly, while it is far from the biggest state in the United States, 37th in that list to be precise, the Bluegrass state is known for some massive things. Like the ‘Mammoth cave,’ a 400 mile-long cave, each yard of which has been claimed as a World Heritage site since October of 1981 on the ground that it is the longest cave system discovered by man on earth [8]. As subversive as things get, few come crazier than the existence of the town of Middlesboro, an interesting city that established its foundations in the crater formed by a meteor [9]. Another odd detail is found in the vent haven Museum of Kentucky’s Fort Mitchell, where the largest collection of ventriloquist dummies have sanctuary [10]. And the greatest, Muhammad Ali, was given birth to in the city of Louisville. Now, this same city that saw him grow up respects him eternally with a museum documenting his journey [11].

Kentucky has seen its share of death too, as it is the only State in the history of the United States to have ever lost a Governor while he was actively in power to assassination. Governor William Goebel lost his life in such a manner in front of the state capitol in 1900. A long time before then, an even deeper tragedy related itself with the State, as an estimation revealed that over 60 percent of the people that died in the war of 1812 are from Kentucky, a figure that exceeds a thousand people. That is why it is fitting that a place like the Kentucky Vietnamese Veterans Memorial, where a large sundial touches the name of the deceased veteran on the day that marks the day of their death [12].

Fortunately, the next years will see joy return on the faces on the residents. Patty and Mildred Hill of Kentucky would join forces to create the ‘Birthday Song,’ a musical piece that has crossed language and cultural barriers to be one of the most popular tunes of all time [13]. All Corvettes produced since the inception of the smart car in 1981, has done so from the Automobile base located in Bowling Green of Kentucky [14]. Also, Henderson of Kentucky could be the reason why ‘Mother’s Day’ exists, after Mary Wilson’s touching gesture of appreciating her mother would inspire a public holiday to be established in 1916 [15].

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