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If you have been looking for fun and engaging virtual event entertainment and an easy way to entertain event guest safely, look no further.  By popular demand Airbrush Events entertainment is now available…Virtually Everywhere!

With direct interaction between the audience and the airbrush artist, these experiences offer the excitement of live entertainment from the comfort of home, or from any mobile device.

Airbrush Virtual Events are the perfect way to safely add excitement to any event and give your guest a fun and interactive experience they will remember for years to come!

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Fun Facts About Indiana Fun Facts About Indiana

Do you like popcorn? If yes, then there is more than a twenty-percent chance that the corn used in its production was gotten from Indiana [1]. In fact, the love for popcorn is so much in Indian that there is a city named ‘Popcorn’ in the ‘Corn belt’ [2]. So of course, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, would be eating popcorn in his hit song ‘Thriller’, after all, he was born in Gary, Indiana [3]. In any case, aside corn, Indiana’s agricultural sector has borne the first ever successful goldfish farm [4].

Indiana has many interesting sides to her. For people who love car racing, an unparalleled event holds every year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in Speedway, Indiana, called the ‘Indy 500’. On that same race track, only two other races, each of no small consequence, are held on the famous race track [5]. Also, Indiana has raced ahead of other states to become the state that has produced the most vice presidents, six, earning the name ‘Mother of Vice Presidents’ in the process [6] [7].

Aside from being a corny state, Indiana also has a town called Bedford which is popularly known as the ‘Limestone Capital of the world’, a result of the numerous limestone quarries that surround Bedford’s territory [8]. And this limestone has literally been ingrained in American History, as limestone quarries from Indiana were completely responsible for providing all the limestone that was used in building the Empire State Building, The Pentagon and the National Cathedral [8]. Its influence is not in American political history alone, as the world’s anatomically accurate figure of the human brain is housed in the department of Psychological Sciences at the Indiana University. The weight of this brain sculpture is estimated to be about 10,000 pounds, each bit of which is made up of Indiana Limestone [9].

One funny reality is that a town in Indiana’s Spencer County is called Santa Claus. Due to this, it is the recipient of over 500,000 letters addressed to the Christmas legend Santa Claus. The touching part, though, is that each of those letters get a reply [10]. How, corny.

As it was coined ‘Land of the Indians’ – a tribute to the former landlords of the area – it boggles the mind that the population of Indians in the state has been reduced below a hundred thousand. But all that is washed away by the fresh fact that the Ohio River forms the southern border of the State. And another river in Indiana (this time, an underground one) has gotten its fame by being the longest underground river in the entire country. Also, the state has the most transportation routes traversing its territory, hence, it is also called ‘The Crossroads of America’ [11].

Another noteworthy thing, is an ever-growing ball of paint. In Alexandria, Indiana, a farmer once decided for some unknown reason to keep adding layers of paint to a regular baseball. We might not know why, but we do know that it has birthed the largest ball of paint known to mankind [12].

Corydon was the former capital of the state of Indiana, but apart from the fact that almost half of all the farming done in Indiana is done around Indianapolis, the central position of Indianapolis forced a rethink of the location of Indiana’s capital [11]. The people most grateful about the existence of the state of Indiana might not be from the state, in fact, they might not be from the same country, as Canada are the biggest markets for exports from Indiana. And Indiana are the biggest exporters of various things – from cars and their spare parts, to pharmaceuticals – to Canada [13].

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