There seem to be some big misconceptions about airbrush events. For whatever reason, as time goes on, people develop certain misconceptions, either from ignorance of the topic, or misinformation. 

Today we will be discussing five of the biggest misconceptions about airbrush events. 

1. It’s graffiti!

One of the absolute biggest myths about airbrush art is that it’s just graffiti. Graffiti is a movement that started decades ago and has evolved as time has gone on. It has been developed into current fashion and modern art, etc. 

Airbrush artists can paint in the style of graffiti but airbrush uses a much more precise instrument.

Airbrush art doesn’t use aerosol cans of paint as graffiti does. It requires an airbrush, hence the name. The tool makes all the difference when comparing the two! 

A Muslim woman and a man hold up airbrushed t-shirts they had just had personalized from Airbrush Events

Airbrush art might look like graffiti but they are created differently. One with a spray can and the other with an airbrush gun.

2. Airbrush Events are messy!

This misconception stems in some way from the last one. Airbrush art is not graffiti and our artists use an airbrush and our proprietary easel stations. This allows our stations to be tidy and neat. 

Airbrush uses a very direct and clean approach actually very little paint is even used in airbrush art. Paint is not flying through the air. Airbrushed designs can be more fine-tuned then those you would make with aerosol. Plus there are lots of other benefits too. 

You could have an airbrush event inside of a building as there are little to no fumes from the airbrush tool. The type of paint the artists use, dissipates quickly in the air if it doesn’t hit an item’s surface so there is no mess and no smell. In addition to this, the paints are non-toxic and water-based. 

On top of that, Airbrush Events also carries liability insurance for any venues that may request it. We’ve had events in synagogues, Ritz Carlton and Disney properties and have never had any mess issues. 

We are so confident in our artist’s training and precautions that we don’t use tarps or blankets on the floors, the damage would be on us, so we make sure there is absolutely no mess. 

3 Airbrush Events artists stand up at airbrush station painting outside.

Three Airbrush Events artists airbrushing at our proprietary airbrush stations.

3. The designs wash away

Just because the paint used is water-based that doesn’t mean it’s temporary. All of the blends of paint we use stay very cleanly on the items to which they have been applied to. 

Each airbrushed merchandise contains a special label with specialty care instructions. These instructions are very simple, they involve using a dry iron on the design to heat it up and to seal it even more permanently to the item that has been designed. If not done, the paint may fade slightly but certainly not wash away. In fact, your airbrushed merch will not bleed in the laundry. 

Airbrush paint is a little like house paint, if you end up getting house paint on your pants that’s not coming out. So your designs are here to stay!

Airbrush Events instruction card that is included with each wearable design.

Airbrush Events instruction card that is included with each wearable design.

4. It’ll take too long or be boring

Our trained airbrush artists have a lot of additional experiences that are great for events. They specialize in making the process as fast and as entertaining as possible. 

For most designs, it only takes 2-3 minutes to finish. It’s like watching a chef cook your meal in front of you. The benefit to this is that you can have the artists change the design on the fly, want blue instead of pink? Just ask and they can whip it up, right away. 

5 minutes after being painted, they are already dry and ready to be worn.  Most people end up wearing them right at the event. 

The majority of people who attend our events and have something made, talk about how cool it was to see their design come to life before their very eyes!

5. It’s just for kids

This is possibly the biggest misconception about airbrush art out there! 

Art and cool merchandise combined together plus an entertaining show is some good fun for people of all ages. You’ll love watching your custom hat or tee being created right in front of you. 

Plus the crowds we see at corporate events are often more wild and enthusiastic about airbrush than those at more child-oriented events like bar mitzvahs. 

An older man is wearing an airbrush events hat in the middle of a people in a function hall.

We hope that this list has cleared up all of the major misconceptions that you may have believed about airbrushed art and events. 

DO believe the hype! Hiring a team like Airbrush Events will bring a huge amount of enjoyment and creativity to any event. You will be the talk of the town for having the best event around. 

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Brand activation is a fancy term used by marketers. It explains that the best way to drive consumer interaction with any particular brand is to have them have an experience with the brand in real-time. 

This differs from the majority of conventional marketing. Conventional marketing is done through digital advertising, or physical brick and mortar stores.

Give your potential customers an experience. This will be something they will remember, which is the best way to drive organic interest in a company. 

Create Emotional Connections

Direct interaction with prospective customers is the most important type of marketing because it creates an emotional connection. An emotional connection that results in brand loyalty.  These connections formed with potential customers are one of the main components of brand activation. 

For a brand to be ‘activated’ it needs to be able to generate the best type of marketing, free marketing! If a customer has an enjoyable time and was excited by your marketing, they are likely to spread the news. Which will generate more free earned advertising. There are numerous ways to build that, one of the best is through some of the new ideas out of experiential marketing.

Jameson brand activation - patrons lined up showing their airbrushed tees.

This was a fun brand activation. Jameson Whiskey on St. Patty’s Day.

Create An Experience 

Experiential marketing is the method used to engage customers directly through branded experiences. These experiences are often along the lines of having live performances. Some sort of event where free products are offered at a crowded location or even a live performance of some kind.

Now picture yourself at some sort of event or exposition for a company, perhaps a sponsored public event like a festival or parade. You immediately spot a big booth with a large line of excited people crowded around. The company has hired airbrush artists to create personalized tee-shirts or hats with their brand logo, and the individuals’ names on them. This type of event is one of the best ways to generate an emotional connection with a brand. 

3 artists with their backs to us paint on 3 easels at this brand activation.

Airbrush Events artists thrill crowds.

The excitement of seeing something you have never seen before plus getting free personalized merch. This is a surefire way to create a connection between brand and consumer. 

Knowing your free new baseball hat came from a cool business is memorable. Patrons are likely to share their experience and free merch with their friends or even post something to social media. This is exactly the kind of marketing that companies are searching for. 

What Airbrush Events Can Do For Your Brand Activation

Airbrush Events connect two aspects, live performances and also free merchandise. These two components make for some of the best and most memorable marketing. Honestly, who doesn’t want free stuff and a performance? 

The performance aspect is provided by airbrush artists. They personalize each piece of swag right there in front of the patron.  Adding details, symbols, or names on the fly. Airbrush Events has talented artists that excel at this.  Just take one example of our work.

State Farm hired us to airbrush tattoos for attendees of a Hispanic festival in Florida that they were a major sponsor of. Everyone that provided their email, phone number or address received a free tattoo. When providing this, they also agreed to receive marketing offers from State Farm.

A woman admires her airbrushed tattoo at a State Farm brand activation

Parents and their kids received airbrushed tattoos at this State Farm activation.

State Farm is now connected with hundreds of potential customers. Not to mention the earned marketing from something that was a crowd favorite. This was one of State Farm’s most successful events. 

Another successful and popular happening under Airbrush Events’ belt was the Centene Corporation event. They hired us to paint shirts and hats for the National Urban League Conference in St Louis, MO. The exposition had over 3000 attendees over 3 days. 

Due to the popularity, our team of 4 painted while 6 of Centene’s staff managed the crowd. The event was a huge hit. Keeping a well-planned organization was critical to managing the massive demand for airbrush shirts and hats.

Be part of the growing list of successful cases. Have your corporation leap onto the modern trend of experiential marketing and activation. Whether it’s a trade show, private corporate event, or public festival, airbrush artists will be the feature everyone is talking about.

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